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Nintendo Game Boy Color Display Stand

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Display, elevate, and preserve your gaming collection. We design and manufacture holders, displays, and stands to preserve and style your gaming collection.

The Nintendo Game Boy Color Display Stand is made from durable laser-cut acrylic. This holder hugs your GBC console tightly for stability and a stylish look. The stand comes as a kit with three parts, simply clicking together to assemble. 

DESIGN & MANUFACTURING: Each stand is professionally designed and manufactured in Canada. We use a variety of laser and CNC machines to produce the best quality products. Each holder is checked for quality and packed for safe transport. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

MATERIAL: This stand is made from 1/4 inch durable UV-resistant Acrylic. All of our acrylics are sourced from North America.

ASSEMBLY: First, remove the protective film. Next, snap the two small arms into the base. It's that simple, no screws, tools, or glue necessary.


  • 10pcs: 10% discount. (Code: STAND10)
  • 20pcs: 15% discount. (Code: STAND15)
  • 30pcs: 20% discount. (Code: STAND20)

**Console Not Included**

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